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2017-07-19 02:06:46 by X-Shift-The-Pro-X

No, Not really.

I'm just... Really, Fucking, Busy..

Trying to get back into madness.. I'm getting the hang of it again, Even though I feel like after almost 5 years of animating I should be doing better, That's just me..

Screenshot, Even though I doubt anyone even gives a fuck.



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2017-07-19 03:47:22

What's the application name you animate the madness collaboration?

X-Shift-The-Pro-X responds:

I use Animate CC. But most use Flash.
Flash is good if you don't mind piracy. But if you have good art skills you might go with something free and animate madness with that.


2017-07-19 06:56:40

Ey, that's mildly adequate

(Updated ) X-Shift-The-Pro-X responds:

Thank you. I've been busting my ass lately working on it.


2017-07-19 18:40:13

i giv a fuc.

It looks cool dud, keep it up

X-Shift-The-Pro-X responds:

O shit. Your back!

Thank you, Man. I'm working on it. In all my free time.