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Top 5 Unique Games Under 15$

2017-10-13 18:40:25 by X-Shift-The-Pro-X

Hello, Folks. It's been a long time since my last post. But fear not, I have something interesting for you!

Five awesome games for under 15$. All of these can be bought on Steam, And a couple on PS4.

So.. Without further ado, Let's get into it.

#5 - Sword With Sauce: Alpha - 5.99$

Starting this list is a game that's still in development. I like Dishonored, And when I first saw this I was like "This is just a Dishonored rip-off or something." But its cheap price of just a few dollars made it seem like a good time-waster so I bought it. And although it is still in development and could use plenty of work, I came to find out it's pretty unique for a Stealth-FPS. I can't promise you'll like this game, But I think it's alright and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. I like how you can deflect bullets with the sword, And the wide range of equipment you can carry all at once. Although in my experience, The mechanics for the guns and bullets need A LOT of work.

#4 - Heavy Bullets - 9.99$

Heavy Bullets is a FPS-Roguelike, Which is a nice change to things considering most Shooters nowadays are just glorified versions of Call of Duty. *Cough* BATTLEFIELD *Cough*
It has really interesting graphics, And I've never seen gameplay quite like it ever before. Perma-Death is a nice touch, And I like that you can deposit money into the bank and it lasts between games even if you die. It also has upgrades, Of course. And health/item stations. And if you look closely you can find secret items hidden in the walls. Granted the game is hard, It's really fun despite that and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good Survival-FPS/Roguelike.

#3 - Duck Game 12.99$

Duck Game is a Side-Scrolling Shooter, And a fucking epic one at that. I've yet to find anything quite like it, Honestly. And I love playing it. The Graphics are great, And it's very Pick Up and Play. Though I don't play online Multiplayer much, You can do that also. And it has a pretty slick Level Editing system too. Plus... I've never played a game with a designated button to make the character quack. And the various hats and guns and challenges are fun too, There's also some interesting Easter Eggs in it if you pay attention to the Arcade Machines.

#2 - Kingsway - 9.99$

Kingsway is a truly unique take on RPG/Roguelike games. Like Duck Game, It also features Pixel Graphics. Though Duck Game has a nice soundtrack, Kingsways' Soundtrack is much better. And like Heavy Bullets, It also features Perma-Death. Adult Swim Games has yet to disappoint me, As I've played lots of their games both Browser-Based and through Steam/PSN, And I approve of all I've played. Kingsway is LITERALLY an OS all it's own, Kingsway OS. With icons just like on your Desktop, You can open various sections like Stats, World Map, Etc. It's a really unique way to play and I honestly really love it, It is more than deserving of the Number 2 spot on this list, And if you like Roguelike/RPG games, I think you'll love Kingsway.

#1 - Risk Of Rain - 9.99$

Risk of Rain tells the story of humanity, Hundreds of years into the future. This game follows the UES Contact Light, A huge spaceship. As a God-Like Entity known only as "Providence" Boards it and destroys the ship, Causing it to crash into an alien planet. YOU Are the soul survivor of this crash, Choosing one of many unique classes to play as, The soul survivor makes his way across the planet, Fighting for his life the entire time against various strange alien species, While a series of packages from the ship have rained down on the planet from the crashed UES contact Light. Their contents are invaluable to the survivor as they are all unique and to some extent, Magical. They aid the soul survivor as the planet becomes more and more relentless with each passing moment. A series of teleporters activate a boss fight on each level, Where you have to kill some epic enemy. After clearing the rest of the map of aliens, You can go on to the next level. Perma-Death is one of the games cooler features, Which adds a nice level of challenge to the game. I've personally beat this game five or more times, And at the end the survivor kills Providence, And leaves the planet. What happens after that is unknown.
For the unique gameplay, Awesome classes, Interesting item and monster logs, And the epic soundtrack, Not to mention the pixel graphics and ability to easily pick it up and play it, This game is my most favorite side-scrolling shooter of all time.

I'll add links later. But anyway, There you go. Tell me what you think of this list and if you took the time to read it, Thank you for reading.


2017-07-19 02:06:46 by X-Shift-The-Pro-X

No, Not really.

I'm just... Really, Fucking, Busy..

Trying to get back into madness.. I'm getting the hang of it again, Even though I feel like after almost 5 years of animating I should be doing better, That's just me..

Screenshot, Even though I doubt anyone even gives a fuck.


Been busy...

2017-05-29 00:15:28 by X-Shift-The-Pro-X

My art has slowed down cause I've been pretty busy lately. Slowly I'm getting back into it... Slowly...